Stand-Cart HOT DOG

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    Stand-Cart HOT DOG

    Stand-Cart HOT DOG

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 HOT DOG Stand-Cart



Ideal for Hot-DOG business fits in a small bicycle cart, on three wheels so easy to move and run.

- made of stainless steel

- 3 dishes above the gas burner for your bun warmer and hot dogs

- 3 burners warmer with regulation and gas bottle 

- 2 dishes for onions or cucumber

- hot and cold water instalation with tap ( 12v 7ah)

- food container

- sunshade 250cm 

- total dimensions: 90cm (L) x 70cm (W)x 60cm (H)

- one-year guarantee 



We are producer and we can design and produce any type of stand-cart. We have more stand cart mobile to sweet corn, hot-dog, cotton candy (candyfloss) and more.